PREMIUM Mouth and nose masks in various designs

  • Produced in the EU. Reusable. Washable.
  • OEKO-TEX 100® Certification
  • For the environment

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  • Double-layer masks certified according to OEKO TEX® 100
  • Washable at 60°C and reusable
  • Various designs to choose from
  • Comfortable snug fit over mouth and nose
  • pH neutral
  • High breathability
  • High moisture transfer
  • Elastic bands from highly elastic microfibre material for a pleasant wearing comfort
  • Produced in the EU
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks

Description of our premium design masks

Look good despite covering mouth and nose!

With our premium mouth and nose masks we want to bring more colour and variation into the daily use of masks. The fashionable accessory not only creates positive feelings with its wearer, but also with those who meet him or her in the supermarket or on the street. Our masks fit perfectly to the shape of the face and are at the same time comfortable to wear thanks to the highly elastic microfibre elastic bands. We use 100% polyester for the outer layer and a mixture of 65% polyester and 35% cotton for the inner layer. This allows us to achieve high breathability, which makes it much easier to breathe than pure cotton masks. This also helps to reduce fogging of glasses and sunglasses. We do not use nose wires, as our experience has shown that they hardly have any advantage over high breathability, but at the same time have the disadvantage that you regularly touch your face to readjust the fit of the mask. However, this should be avoided in order to prevent infectious and disease-causing germs, viruses and pathogens from being transported into the face.

Mouth and nose masks are an ideal hygiene accessory, which you can now easily order online in various colours or with our unique designs. Another plus of our masks is the option to reuse them and even wash them at up to 60°C to kill pathogens. At the same time, you produce less waste than with traditional disposable masks, thus helping to protect the environment. As we are committed to production in the European Union, we also try to contribute to the protection of the environment with shorter distances and European environmental standards.

As a sign of solidarity towards others, join now in wearing mouth and nose masks and help reduce the infection rate.


For sanitary reasons each mask is individually packed in a sealed plastic foil.

Delivery time

3 - 8 working days

Care instructions

Washable up to 60°C. Wash with neutral detergent.
Do not use bleach.
Air dries quickly.
Do not use a dryer.
Can be ironed at 140°C for 10 -15 seconds.
Product should be washed before first use.
Size may vary after washing.

Technical data

Content: 1 reusable mask
Composition: Outer material: 100% polyester, inner material: 65% polyester and 35% cotton
Material produced in Spain, certified according to Oeko-Tex (STANDARD 100), processed in Germany
Unisex, one size, with two stretchy elastic bands for a good hold


Test title CE-11342, tested according to UNE-EN14683 (Spain) and UNE-0065 (Spain) - CEE/93/42
Breathability: < 60 Pa/cm2 (AST1)
Aerosol filter efficiency: > 96% (UNE-EN14683 Spain))
Particle filter efficiency: > 94% (UNE-EN14683 (Spain))
Particle filtration: 0.3 microns and > 95% efficiency (UNE-EN149 (Spain))
Bacteria content: passed (EN-13795 (Spain))

Additional information

This product is not a medical device. The recommended wearing time is several hours or until the mask feels wet. Wash your hands well and thoroughly before touching and putting on the mask and before removing it. It is recommended not to touch the front area and to avoid all touching while wearing the mask. The masks are not designed for sleeping. They are also not recommended for use on people with breathing difficulties and children of age 3 or less. Manufacturers and dealers therefore assume no product liability. As the mouth and nose masks are hygiene products, they cannot be returned or exchanged once their packaging has been opened.