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Advertising banners and their use

Advertising banners are the most attractive and effective advertising medium of all. They are associated with many terms, but they all describe the same product. Advertising banners, advertising panels, tension bands or truck banners have become an indispensable part of modern advertising technology for indoor and outdoor use as an effective advertising medium for advertising messages with a high information content in text and images. Featuring a high-quality finish, these flexible media can be used in weatherproof and UV-resistant applications, no matter if mobile, in special frames or other holding systems.

The banner printing

Printed in a wide variety of digital printing techniques such as solvent printing, eco-solvent printing, UV- direct printing and, more recently, also environmentally friendly latex printing, there are no longer any limits to the freedom of design with the most diverse design programmes in terms of text and, in particular, image technology. Gluing differently coloured banner materials with contour-cut adhesive films has long been a thing of the past.

The most important details

Advertising banners are ideal for outdoor advertising, but are also suited for indoor use. The inexpensive frontlit banner material is the standard in outdoor advertising. The blockout banner material is heavier and can be printed on both sides due to its thickness. It is particularly used when the printed products should be viewable from both sides. Backlit advertising banners are banners for backlighting, which are used for example in light boxes or very sunny shop windows. Advertising banners made from mesh fabric are air-permeable and thus also allow use in locations with strong winds.

Different materials are often useful for different purposes. For example, frontlit banners can be useful for house façades if the banner stands directly against the house wall and is not exposed to wind. However, if the banner is attached at a certain distance from the façade, wind can penetrate behind it and the banner is likely to be torn out. Here, the use of mesh banners is recommended. In our advertising banner guide, you will find information about the various uses and the materials we recommend. Common examples of these are, besides façade banners, also truck banners, scaffolding banners, crane banners, hoarding banners, tent banners and bridge banners.

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