Acrylic glass advertising signs


Acrylic Glass

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Areas of application

  • Glazing in shop fitting
  • Privacy and wind protection, dividers
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Exclusive door panel
  • Backlit advertising sign in light box advertising
  • and many more.

Directly printed acrylic glass advertising signs optionally with white print.

Our extremely high-quality acrylic glass advertising signs are printed in digital direct printing with up to 1,440 dpi and variable dot sizes. To achieve a better mechanical load capacity, for example in outdoor use, the printing is by default mirrored on the backside. Please note that acrylic glass is transparent. We are happy to print white full-surface as well as partially..

Acrylic glass advertising panels product details

Acrylic glass are extruded panels made from acrylic glass. We use weatherproof and age-resistant, highly transparent acrylic glass materials, which can be used up to 60° in continuous use without any problems due to their excellent surface quality. The use of acrylic glass is not restricted to standard applications such as office signs or light boxes. You can use acrylic glass for sales stands, displays and similar in various thicknesses. Acrylic glass is available in 2 mm and 10 mm thickness.

Note on white printing

Generally, white printing is used for "UV direct printing on acrylic glass". There are two different types of white printing: partial and full-surface white printing.

  • Partial white printing is the partial white background printing of letters, logos etc. The main background stays transparent.
  • Full-surface white printing means that the whole surface of the acrylic sign is backed with white.    The reason for a white print is that the elements to be printed are visibly more strongly emphasized and retain their colour fastness.

The default setting for acrylic glass is without white print. The default setting for acrylic glass - OPAL includes white in the pre-printed form.

  • Acrylglas in detail
  • Acrylglas in detail
  • Acrylglas in detail