Panel printing

Signs as a business card of your company

Signs offer much more than information. They represent the business card of your company. The visual appearance of the sign plays a particularly important role in the perception of your company by your target group. As experienced and competent advertising technicians we support you in the professional design and realisation of your company signs.

A sign that meets your needs

Set high standards for a company sign, because it gives the visitor the first impression of your company. Most importantly, the sign should be in line with the company itself and its surroundings. To ensure this, you have the choice between high-quality materials such as aluminium or acrylic glass. Both carrier materials are very similar in quality, but differ in their effect.

Metal signs made of aluminium or Alu-Dibond are classics and present themselves elegantly and timelessly. Easy to install, they can be attached to any surface without any problems. They look particularly attractive with the use of spacers and special screw covers.

Acrylic glass signs are perfect for modern façades or as a deliberate accent on old buildings. At the same time, this material is characterised by its special weather resistance.

Printing as an important element

No matter how high-quality the selected material for signs is, the quality of the printing method used is of fundamental importance. It must be able to accurately reproduce the colours of your corporate design or produce a crisp and clear print image. Long-term protection against atmospheric influences is just as important as a certain resistance to scratching.

As specialised advertising technicians, we know the high demands on prints of all kinds and produce your high-quality company signs with the utmost care, taking into account high-quality requirements.