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  • 460g/m2 banner
  • Print with UV-resistant ink
  • Weatherproof
  • Opaque
  • Flame-retardant (B1 certified)
  • Wind permeable
  • Printable on both sides

Backlit, the ideal solution for illuminated advertising

Backlit advertising banners are banners made of a special high-quality translucent material. The term backlit refers to the translucency of an advertising banner. With backlit advertising banners your light boxes will literally come alive. These special light box banners make your advertising message shine in bright light. Anyone looking at them will be attracted by an enchanting light source. This effect is produced by the so-called backlighting, which means nothing more than background lighting. The advertising banner material can create this special background lighting effect with light sources such as spotlights or fluorescent tubes.

A backlit advertising banner has a diffuser layer which distributes the light evenly. This is particularly important as a backlit advertising banner only looks perfect with uniform background lighting. Of course, our backlit material can be glued and stays in shape even at higher temperatures. This advertising banner is primarily printable with solvent printers and latex printers. 

Available print formats

The simple advertising banner for an existing light box is flexible and exchangeable. Without any problems, the light banner can be removed and a new one installed at any time. It can also be equipped with a piping. This makes changing the banner particularly easy. The modern digital printing process with latex inks ensures that your advertising appears photorealistic and the backlighting with colour change proves to be particularly effective. Six-colour printing is ideal, which guarantees colour reproduction of the highest quality. UV resistance and photo quality are guaranteed. You get your backlit advertising banners from us with a grammage of 450 grams per m2.


The self-adhesive vinyl is particularly suitable for backlit bonding on transparent surfaces in outdoor applications. Of course, it is also suitable for indoor use.

Processing or finish

Your backlit advertising banners can be hemmed all around, as well as fitted with eyelets on corners and edges. If you want to install the advertising medium in a place where it has to be fastened, the banner can also be equipped with hemstitching. This makes it for example possible to pull a rod through the banner.

Advertisers who wish to present their products to the public using film material can have the backlit material cut to exact contours with our automatic ignition cutter. We can also guarantee you the best quality in this respect.

Finish of backlit advertising banners

A clean and tension-free image can only be achieved with a precise finish, be it through eyelets, hemstitching or piping. The basic price already includes the standard finish with hem and eyelets or hemstitch.