Wondertack – Shop window dressing without glue


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Areas of application

  • Shop windows
  • Restaurants
  • Tiles
  • Tables (with lacquered surface)
  • and many more.
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Wondertack films stick without glue! The self-adhesive films, Wondertack und Wondertack Ghost, are suitable for indoor use. Wondertack can be applied to all flat surfaces, e.g. large shop window fronts made of glass, without the need to touch up the air bubbles afterwards and can be removed completely at any time. The microporous PU-coating on the back makes sure that Wondertack sticks fast and can be removed in a few seconds.

Wondertack & Wondertack Ghost

Can be reused several times by repeated removal and application without damage and reduction of the glue-free adhesive force.

Wondertack - white film as base material
Wondertack Ghost
 - transparent film, e.g. for mirror-inverted printing