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  • 510g/m2 banner
  • Print with UV-resistant ink
  • Weatherproof
  • Opaque
  • (B1 certified)
  • Wind permeable
  • Printable on both sides

Frontlit, the standard material for banners

The standard material for advertising banners is frontlit, a polyester fabric that can be printed with weatherproof ink. The frontlit advertising banner, which has been used for many years, is still used in the digital printing sector for the most common digital printing applications. The reason is the exceptional stability of the material. An elaborate fabric reinforcement makes it particularly durable and tear-resistant. Frontlit is B1 fire protection certified, which means it is flame-retardant.

Frontlit advertising banners are not only particularly flexible due to their extremely long durability, but can also be configured freely according to your wishes. Due to these good properties, frontlit advertising banners are mainly used in outdoor areas. But they can also be used in the interior of a building. This enables you as an advertiser to disseminate important information everywhere and effectively, e.g. to announce a major event or trade fair in the form of a major campaign.

The weatherproof frontlit advertising banners are mainly used for sophisticated advertising banners both in the solvent and latex printing sector. The medium has a grammage of 510 g/m² and is low-reflection, scratch-resistant and flame-retardant, of course with B1 certificate. It is also opaque and therefore impermeable by light.

Advertising without limitations

With the flexible frontlit advertising banners advertisers can attract prospects for their products and services without limitations, as they are also ideal for company vehicles such as a minivan or a truck. For this purpose, we recommend purchasing frontlit banners as truck banners. If your vehicles are equipped with frontlit advertising banners, the advertisement will not only be seen at fixed locations, but also on the road, and thus usually reaches a bigger group of prospects.

Print and design

The latest latex printing technology has proven to be the most popular and effective printing process for frontlit advertising banners. Latex ink is environmentally friendly and very economical in colour reproduction. With this printing process your messages can be designed and presented in best photo quality. We can also guarantee that no wishes remain unfulfilled in terms of weather resistance and durability. These high-quality digital prints are UV-resistant and the ink is extremely colour intensive.

Finish of Frontlit advertising banners

A clean and tension-free image can only be achieved with a precise finish, be it through eyelets, hemstitching or piping. The basic price already includes the standard finish with hem and eyelets or hemstitch.

Application examples