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The truck banner: An advertising medium that takes off

Get the absolute highlight of mobile advertising platforms here. We offer you our stable, fabric-reinforced frontlit advertising banners, which can be printed with weatherproof ink, as truck banners, if you wish, also in a special version. Thus, we open the door to unlimited possibilities in mobile marketing for our advertising customers. With us you buy truck banners of unbeatable quality at extremely favourable prices. If you would like to convince yourself that we do not promise too much, then just read on here.

The material

For truck advertising banners we use Frontlit, an extremely tear-resistant, flame-retardant and UV-resistant polyester fabric. A special fabric reinforcement makes Frontlit particularly sturdy. It can be printed with weatherproof ink and is opaque. All these reasons speak for the fact that this material is fabulously suitable for use as truck advertising banner.

The print

With us you get your truck banners in first-class digital print, which means the highest photo quality. We will produce a colour print for you, which cannot only be seen from a great distance, but also withstands wind and weather. The modern latex printing process is used as a standard, as the latex ink is particularly colour-intensive and protects the environment. However, on request, we can also offer you the banners in a solvent print version.

Guarantee for a long service life

Due to their enormous sturdiness, our truck banners guarantee a long service life. They are so tear-resistant that even a storm cannot damage them. For mounting them on your truck, your advertising banners can be further processed after printing, if you wish. We provide them with a solid hem which is reinforced at the edges and with metal eyelets at corners and edges. Thanks to the edge reinforcement all around, the eyelets are particularly sturdy. This mounting technique gives your truck banner an excellent hold on the vehicle.