Wood panels individually printed



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EUR 27,31EUR 455,18/m²
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EUR 12,52incl. 19% VAT

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Product features

  • Wall panels suitable for all rooms!
  • Different sizes available!
  • The wood is printed directly in different sizes (Wood boards are 2.5 cm thick!)
  • Match every living style!
  • and many more.

The look for all those who love something special. The printed wood pictures by abnorm-print. Beautify your living area or design your workplace with creativity. Wood pictures are just the right thing for nature-loving people. Our wood pictures are directly printed, the wood is natural and is ideal for the interior of living spaces. As wood is a natural product, it can of course change shape when the humidity changes, cracks are possible and of course changes in shape, wood is alive and this is what makes it natural!

Of course we deliver your wood picture, completely printed, with the appropriate suspension!