Beach flags



70 x 205 cm


Car foot
Base plate large 470 mm x 470 mm
Base plate small 320 mm x 320 mm
Base plate medium 400 mm x 400 mm
Cross foot
Transport bag – beach flag
Water weight
Total incl. 19% VAT
EUR 152,62EUR 106,35/m²
Shipping to
EUR 13,36incl. 19% VAT

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Application example:

  • At advertising events and trade fairs
  • In showrooms
  • As a flag, company advertising etc.
  • and many more.

Product features

  • SFS glossy polyester flag cloth 110 g/m²
  • With aluminium frame
  • High-resolution digital 4/0 colour - CMYK sublimation printing
  • All around with double safety seam
  • Basic colour of the trim tape is white. Optional: black (Please specify when ordering!)
  • In addition to each beach flag you will receive a carrier bag free of charge!

Durable flag fabric with high brilliance for good visibility even of photo data. The print-through quality is approx. 85%. You can see the print excellently even on the reverse side (mirror image). The flags are sewn in high quality. According to our washing instructions, the flags can also be washed at up to 60 degrees. Also suitable for fabric banners with e.g. eyelets!

There are no limits to your creativity.

  • Beach flags in different shapes