Advertising banner guide

Are you looking for the right advertising banner material for your purpose? Or you don’t know which processing method is the right one? We can help you! The following guide informs you about everything you need to know about advertising banner printing.

What you should know about advertising banners:

Advertising banners, also known as advertising panels, are still the first choice for all forms of outdoor advertising. Especially in outdoor use they prove to be very flexible. Many excellent characteristics are arguments for advertising banners. See the most important details in the following overview and read about the variety of possibilities this form of advertising offers you.

As inexpensive as versatile

Production and printing

Do you actually know how and with which technology advertising banners are produced? No matter what base material advertising banners are made of, they are always originally white and are produced as roll material specifically for digital printing. These white banners only get coloured during printing. In the past, advertising banners were produced almost exclusively by gluing. In this process, an adhesive film was stuck to the base material. This was a very good way of producing effective, catchy advertising banners. However, due to the small colour spectrum, one often saw advertising banners in red base colour with white writing glued on.

The modern advertising banners are almost exclusively produced on large format printers. These work in principle just like the workplace printers in every office. Instead of gluing on film, paint is sprayed through fine nozzles onto the banners. This paint is usually either solvent paint or latex paint. Of these two methods, latex is the more modern one as these advertising banners do not have any odour. If you are now wondering which method is the most ideal, we can tell you at this point: “Both prove to be equally effective and ideal for your advertising technology. Both the conventional printing technique and the latex printing process today allow the best photo quality when printing. What matters is creative design, and this plays a decisive role. There are no limits to creativity and ingenuity.

The colour range that can be displayed with our printers is almost unlimited. Even photorealistic prints on XXL advertising banners are possible without any problems. Façades become true works of art, produced by advertising banners in modern digital printing factories, where many of these machines are operated.

Categories of advertising banners

The banner materials used in digital printing can be divided into four big categories:


The planning materials used in digital printing can be classified into four broad categories: