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The bridge banner: Out-of-home advertising that catches the eye

How beautiful a bridge can be, especially in a central location and well populated cities. Bridges are the appropriate platforms to make something known, to advertise trade fairs and to publish upcoming events. Present your innovations, invite to big parties, exhibitions or business presentations. Inspire millions of people. How to do it? Quite simply, with an interestingly designed bridge banner, printed by us in bright colours. And you don't have to dig deep into your pockets. At "" you can organise effective, highly visible bridge advertising for little money.

Mesh or polyester banner?

Well, very few bridges are protected from the wind. A bridge banner has to be weatherproof, withstand wind loads and must not fade or even be destroyed by unfavourable weather conditions. With our mesh banners, we guarantee you a long service life of your advertising medium. But, if it is permissible you can also get an opaque, durable bridge banner made from our Frontlit standard material. It can be printed with weatherproof ink just like a mesh banner, is extremely tear-resistant and flame-retardant. By the way, these details apply to all advertising banners offered by us.

Printing and finish

The banners for your bridge advertising are digitally printed, either with environmentally friendly latex ink or on a conventional solvent print basis. You decide. Both are effective in advertising, but the latex prints are even more colour-intensive.
< class="font-alt mb-30 mb-xxs-10">Of course, bridge banners have to be attached well. Whether in exposed places or elsewhere, bridge banners can be made strong and flexible after printing by hemming and eyelets. Tensioning hooks, Velcro tape and a particularly flexible piping system are further possibilities for finishing. Piping is ideal if you frequently have to replace or remove your bridge banner and reattach it elsewhere. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.