The printed beer table, experience octoberfest at home!



220 x 50 cm
Total incl. 19% VAT
EUR 322,12EUR 292,84/m²
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EUR 52,61incl. 19% VAT

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Product features

  • Printed in direct printing method
  • UV-resistant
  • Octoberfest feeling for your home
  • and many more.
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You always wanted to have a special gift for a friend? We got the solution for you! A printed beer table with the design of your choice. With our beer table set it doesn’t matter if you want to present your company at a marketing presentation or if you want it for a special barbecue party in the evening.

Our directly printed beer tables are a real eye-catcher. Your design is printed directly on the wooden surface, with our method, there is no film or similar applied. The marquee sets can of course also be treated as a permanent advertising product like “normal” marquee sets. This means they are varnished and sealed after printing. The natural character of the wood is revealed during printing. A real eye-catcher! The beer table sets receive a full bleed printing. For protection, the print on the beer tables is coated with a special varnish. Of course, we deliver our sets incl. 2 benches!

Different versions of the printed beer table

We can deliver three different widths of marquee sets. 67 cm and 80 cm are also possible. The standard length of all beer tables is always 220 cm!

Please note:In order to achieve an opaque print image, it is essential to pre-print with a white ink, otherwise the wood grain will show through.

Beer table set benches

If you would also like to have the benches printed with your individual design, we would be happy to make you an offer. Please send us an e-mail to