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  • 280g/m2 banner
  • Print with UV-resistant ink
  • Weatherproof
  • Opaque
  • (B1 certified)
  • Wind permeable
  • Printable on both sides

Mesh for air-permeable advertising technology

Advertising banners made from mesh fabric or net vinyl are the ideal solution in areas that are not protected from the wind. They can withstand the highest wind load. Mesh fabric is very permeable to air. Therefore, there is no risk that mesh banners attached to hoardings or buildings could be torn apart by strong winds.

The highly technical fabric used for the production is so finely woven that, when viewed from a distance, it looks like a normal advertising banner. With a grammage of 310 grams per m2 mesh advertising banners are therefore relatively light. But the advertising effect is almost identical to other materials. Only the print usually looks a little bit brighter due to the light and wind permeability.

Print and finish

Despite the fine workmanship, we can offer you all available forms of finish for mesh advertising banners. They can be piped and hemmed (standard is hem and eyelets, but also hemstitched) and they can be fitted with corner eyelets. Of course, image or film processing is also possible with a cut from our high-quality, contour accurate cutter.

You as an advertiser can be absolutely sure that with mesh advertising banners no eyelets for fixing will be torn out and the banner will not get detached. Also, a fading of the colours caused by sun, rain or snow will not occur for a longer period of time. We use weatherproof UV-ink in the production. Furthermore, our mesh advertising banners are flame-retardant and certified according to the B1 fire standard.

Nowadays, the production and printing of such mesh fabrics is no longer a problem. When manufacturing the mesh banners, it is important to note that this advertising banner material should be permeable to air or wind. For this reason, it must be ensured, especially during printing, that no ink is sprayed through the mesh holes and subsequently clogs them. During printing, the printing machines must therefore be cleaned far more often than with other materials, which increases the production costs.

Areas of application

Mesh advertising banners are mainly used where there is a risk of eyelets or other fixtures simply breaking due to wind loads (strong wind or storm). The use of mesh banners is ideal for construction hoarding or scaffolding claddings. With a construction hoarding cladding you not only prevent pedestrians passing the construction site from seeing in, but there is also a possibility that the well-designed and informative advertising banners are viewed with interest and prospects are attracted.

When it comes to design, there is no difference between mesh advertising banners and normal advertising banners. Scaffolding banners are typically known for their green colour. However, as they look dull, you should definitely print them and use the available advertising space. With the mesh material, the advertising technology has opened up great new advertising possibilities. Just think of the oversized advertising banners that are set up in front of all kinds of buildings.

Great photo quality in multicolour printing has been possible without problems for several years now. The advertising technology is keeping up with the times, is constantly developing and is therefore able to meet the needs of advertisers more effectively.

Finish of mesh advertising banners

A clean and tension-free image can only be achieved with a precise finish, be it through eyelets, hemstitching or piping. The basic price already includes the standard finish with hem and eyelets or hemstitch.