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Banners for gun clubs, fire brigade and other club events

Are you currently organising a club event and want to advertise it? At “” you can get all kinds of advertising banners and have them printed at an affordable price. Benefit from a top price-performance-ratio. With us you can purchase goods of the very best material and printing quality at low prices.

Buildings, hoardings and scaffoldings

Equip the buildings associated with your activity with advertising media, if possible, inside and outside. For the interior, we recommend our ceiling banners, so that everyone who enters the building can find out about your event. On the outside, you can install a façade banner to make the event appealing to everyone who passes by. Of course, you can also use it on other buildings such as railway stations, inns or supermarkets, but you will need a permit from the city or local authority to do so. This applies to indoor and outdoor advertising in general. If you have a full rein, you can also do scaffolding and hoarding advertising.

Streets, squares and bridges

The street is an excellent starting point for people who are eager for information or who are thirsty, thus also for people interested in your party. Stretch or hang one of our banners over or from flagpoles or street lamps. A banner can also be stretched across the street. Tip: If the advertising banners are printed on both sides, they attract more attention. Such an advertising banner can also decorate large squares. If there is a bridge that’s crossed a lot, it’s worth putting a bridge banner on it. Bridges are also ideal places for an effective supersite poster advertising.

Banner details

All advertising banners offered on “” are sturdy, weatherproof and heat-resistant, therefore also B1 fire protection certified. Further finishing is possible after the printing. They can be hemmed and eyed. If required, we can provide them with a piping, and film material can be cut to exact contours by cutting with a precision cutter.