Ceiling and tension banners


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Ceiling and tension banners: Ingenious Advertising Effect indoors and outdoors

Would you like to address the public and present your offers with widely recognisable large-format advertising? At “werbeplanen.de” you get everything you need. Let us print and assemble your individual advertising banners at a reasonable price. Convince yourself of top quality at absolutely favourable prices.

Indoor advertising

Ceiling banners are ideal for indoor use. Free-hanging, for example in exhibition halls, department stores, multi-storey car parks, company buildings and institutions, they literally catch the eye of visitors.

Outdoor advertising

Stretch a banner across a street, preferably one that’s printed on both sides. Thus, it can be seen from both sides. This also works great at a market, sports field or fairground.


Ideally you should use blockout, a material which can be printed from both sides. There is a barrier layer between the sides to prevent writing or images from shining through to the other side. But maybe you also need the banners for trade fair or car park advertising that needs to be backlit? Then you choose backlit, the ideal material for illuminated advertising. Both materials are weatherproof, durable and B1 fire protection certified, which means heat-resistant.

Printing and finishing

We print your advertising banners with weatherproof ink. How intensive the colours are depends on the printing process used. The printing can be done with latex ink or with a conventional solvent printing process, just as you wish. Both are digital techniques, only the intensity of the colour contours is better with latex printing, and latex inks do not pollute the environment.
< class="font-alt mb-30 mb-xxs-10">Once your banners are printed, they can be hemmed and provided with eyelets. The eyelets are used for mounting and the hem prevents tearing.
< class="font-alt mb-30 mb-xxs-10">Ceiling banners for trade fair advertising have to be removed and replaced frequently. As piping systems, they are flexible and easy to handle. All systems can be piped, no matter if they are straight, curved, round or square.